Tuesday, June 7, 2011

90s baby style

This is my brother and I, circa 1996 maybe? I would like to call attention to the huge lacy monstrosity on my head. I HATED bows and frills; when I was a baby I would claw them out of my hair with my tiny baby hands (which also may explain why I was mostly bald until I was two). This picture is probably a result of a class-4 hurricane tantrum.

Also, brother's shorts/bowtie/fake pocket square coordination combo in tasteful easter-egg plaid hearkens to some Vivienne Westwood punk roots, mixed with a healthy dose of what-a-dork.
Note the matching sandals? I couldn't (and still can't) walk in heels, and anything requiring tights was OUT OF THE QUESTION.

There are two more awk family photos that will make their way up here eventually - one of brother and I dressed as Vikings, complete with fanny packs (oh, the shame...) and the whole fam dressed in tartan plaid. I am scouring my photos for more pictures but until then... stay awk!


Susan said...

OMG, this is the cutest thing ever! I totally had a dress like that when I was little too!

Leslie said...

Awww little Rebecca! :)

Also. I'm pretty sure that your blog title is one I used ages ago... I'll have to link you the poem that I got it from...

Alicia said...

Oooh this photo is soooo cute! Have a similar one with my babybrother...love it!