Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy birthday party to meee

It's been a while since I posted thanks to a really crap week and the not-crapness of planning for my (early) 21st birthday party.

Hope this picture and extra stories for the week will make up for my absence!

My birthday was Anything But Clothes (ABC) and more than half of the people (and almost everyone I knew personally) dressed up and looked fabulous!

My dress consisted of bubble wrap and wedding tulle. I made the skirt four layers thick and folded the top over an elastic and scrunched it to make a bubble wrap "bubble skirt!" The top involved me dear friend wrapping me while I was mostly naked in Z's bathroom  and putting the skirt on over. Dear friend also Macgyvered a bustle out of more wrap, since the back was a wee bit see through. Also wore an Am Appy bandeau bra over a regular one for a bit of color.

The party was a raging success! My actual 21st will probably consist of a few drinks at some bar - I'm so glad I got to dance, laugh, drink, and chat with tons of friends of all ages last night!


R Grace

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--kyleen-- said...

Happy Birthday! Awesome dress. I love popping bubble wrap :D