Friday, July 29, 2011

Awk Squawk: Potential Side Effects

It's July and the baby doctors are popping up like daisies.

By baby doctors, I don't mean pediatricians, but residents in their first year. (Note to self: July is a bad time to have a life-threatening illness.) Being the hypochondriac supernerd daughter of Dr. Dad, I don't tolerate anything less than premium care. I know what questions to ask, what to be skeptical about, and when to put my foot down. This strikes fear into the hearts of those who aren't quite comfortable in their lab coats.

When a baby doc tried to prescribe me an antibiotic (which I circled on my medical history and starred with a note that I have a lot of trouble with antibiotics) for my skin (which wasn't that bad) I decided to ask a couple questions.

BabyDoc: So I think we should put you on a dose of -
Me: Is this like Accutane? Am I going to have flipper babies?
BabyDoc: I uh... What?
Me:  Flipper babies. You know, babies with flippers. Like... birth defects. If I accidentally get pregnant or something.
BabyDoc: Oh um... no, I don't think this causes birth defects unless you take it late in pregnancy. And um... nothing like flippers. Flippers? I don't think so...
Me: Ok, super! Any other potential side effects I should look out for?

And that, my friends, is how you break in a new doctor.

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