Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Awk Squawk: Irene

Text message conversation with Dr. Dad. Hometown got hit harder by the hurricane than college town. They lost power and Dr. Dad learned how to use his cellphone.

Dr. Dad: No power wind up radio on. zombies seen in new bern. looks grim mom wont let me get a beer from the fridge. boredom has set in. im texting long messages going insane

Me: This is the best text message I have ever received.

Dr. Dad: What   we are slowly going crazy trapPed (nice spelling dad) in a darkening house arguing over the scraps of food and water left   your mom is starting to look tasty   dAd

Me: No one will cast me if my father is a cannibal. The best I could hope for is a lifetime movie about my pathetic life.

Dr. Dad: Sorry to ruin your life. mom is running around screaming get the power on. it looks bleak. maybe tuna sandwiches. oh wait i have month of food stashed and hundreds of galLons of water in the tubs. your tub will be our last stand water hole   lots of germs.

Me: little watz's tub is the cesspool he's had MRSA.

Dr. Dad: ill treat it with with clorox boil it and maybe irradiate it. No light left getting dim   fried chicken and beer in the fridge if I can make it.

Me: I thought you were a true post-apocalyptic warrior. You can do this.

A little while later...

Dr. Dad: i think i can now   i have a cold beer

Hope everyone stayed safe in the hurricane.

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Tammy said...

HeHe.... Love it! I don't think my dad would know how to text. lol