Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gawk at the Awk: Penicillin Allergy

While interning for a local really-bigass-deal repertory company in the esteemed position of Spotlight Operator #2, I developed Strep Throat. The campus health doctor (campus health: where all medical careers go to die) prescribed me some penicillin. I hate antibiotics, because they tear my stomach to shreds no matter if I eat a big meal or take it at night or what have you. Also yeast infections. Gross.

But being the child of Dr. Dad, I dutifully popped my pill every evening right before I went to bed. Four days in, it was the night before Easter Sunday and the very last performance of my internship. I threw back that pill and started getting ready for bed.

My face felt weird.

Really, really weird.

I looked in the mirror and my upper lip had EXPLODED (however, this was about half the size of the lip in the "Impress his parents with your face-swelling abilities" post). It was two am, and I was having a drug reaction.

Also I was the only person in my house.

Knowing a thing or two about medicine, I knew drug reactions could be very severe and onset really quickly. I snapped a picture with my Mac and then called home... at 2am. Before the Easter Sunrise service I knew my parents planned to attend.

After my lisping around in a panic, Dr. Dad advised a heavy dose of Benadryl and to monitor my breathing. If I was hideously disfigured for life, I mean, whatever. But the second my chest got tight/wheezy/ect I needed to go to the hospital.

I conked out immediately (Benadryl is like heroin) and woke up in the morning with a completely normal face (though my brother would say hideously disfigured as usual) and... three missed calls from my mother. Asking if I was alive and made it through the night because they hadn't heard from me at the crack of dawn.

Yeah really, it was that bad.


Stevie Leigh said...

Aw! So sad. Hope you're feeling better!

Peiyinn said...

Hope you get well soon. :)

Jess said...

I bet that was scary :( I hope you feel lots better! Thank you for m ylovely comment too. It means a lot. I hope this doesnt happen to you again! xxx

Sonja said...

Oh no!! Yikes allergies really scare me, they can be so dangerous. Hope you're feeling better!!!! Thanks so much for your comment by the way! :o)

R. Grace said...

Thanks all! This happened back in April and I have since learned my lesson. Nooo penicillin for me!