Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not that awkward but...

Parents visited me today and Dr. Dad brought me homemade apple chips! As much as a junk food junkie as I am, apple chips are my FAVORITE snack. I have already eaten half the bag. The secret is soaking them in fruit juice before putting them in the fruit dehydrator... wait, you mean everyone's parents done own a fruit dehydrator?

Or five crock pots from three different countries?

One year Dr. Dad got a noodle press, a steel grain grinder, and wool socks for Christmas. He is like Amish-meets-hippie-meets-Sarah Palin-fan. And I love him for it.

Usually I roll my eyes at Dr. Dad's many bizarre cooking contraptions, but I can't wait to get my own dehydrator. 

Munch crunch munch.

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