Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gawk at the Awk: Sunglasses edition

These little child shades sat at my station at work last night. I took a picture with them on.
Various people asked me if I had actually purchased them, and pointed out that they looked terrible on me and I need shades a much larger size.

Of course they look terrible! They're fit for a three-year-old's face. I know what looks good and what doesn't. Right? ... right?

Then I remembered I was OBSESSED with these stunna shades I found at the PTA thrift store my freshman year of college. I wore them all the time until they broke under mysterious circumstances...

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be trusted in my taste of sunglasses.
I still miss those orange circle shades though.
I think they were awesome.


marthameetslucy said...

My sunglasses motto is "the bigger the better". It may not be true, but it works for me.

beti said...

they are awesome! I've never seen sunglasses like those

kyleen said...

Hey, R. Grace, come back to blogland! I miss your hilarious stories.