Who are you?
I am a twenty-something-or-other certified badass living in Los Angeles. I do... stuff? I act and collect stories and also have a boring LinkedIn page somewhere if you want a resume. When I'm not out being awesome, I like to look at my bank account and weep, or find ways to make my bedroom even messier. If I had a heart, the way to it would be whiskey and good conversation.

Why are you writing this blog?
One day in early summer 2011, a series of bizarre embarrassing events had me near tears. My friends, en masse, told me the situations were actually hilarious and they wished they could hear more. I then realized that laughing with people was more enjoyable than feeling pitiful and pathetic. Also, everything is funny is retrospect. Thus the blog was born, to remind myself of particularly funny moments and to keep my "this is the worst thing ever / the world is over" feelings in check. I also like to write (re: journalism major) and if I could ultimately publish a collection of these stories, that would be great.

Also, to fellow awkward ducklings out there: It gets better. In the moments when you feel like the biggest dweeb in the world, remember there are other people out there screwing up just as much, or even worse. You will laugh about it later, I promise.

Why don't you write about relationships more? Or sex?
I will NEVER write about sexytimes because 1) ewww 2) I'm pretty sure 50% of my page views are my mom (hi mom!)

You are so overdramatic.
That's not a question, but I'll respond anyway. I try to remember feelings exactly as they were in the moment, and I think people in general react more strongly in real life than they tend to realize. I'm not a mellow person by nature; half because I am very theatrical and high-energy, half because I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks that definitely make everything seem 100 times worse in the moment.
But it's always funny later.

How much of your stories are true?
As a journalism major, and clawing my way through both media ethics and media law, I'm almost physically incapable of fluffery. It's true, all true, painfully, dorkily true. Some of the set-up dialog may be paraphrased as my memory holds it, but the most inflammatory and ridiculous things are definitely word-for-word. I have a very heavily episodic memory so I remember minute details of events very well. I change names and locations to respect the privacy of others, but not so much that anyone who knows me wouldn't know to whom I am referring.

How can I contact you?
My email (for both personal contact, or if you're feeling generous, for paypal) is rebeccaroanoke@gmail.com.

Got another question? Feel free to ask!

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